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Wildest Dreams: A Small Town, Single Dad Romance (The Wilds of Montana Book 3) Free by Kristen Proby

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes an all-new Small Town, Single Dad, Brother’s Best Friend, Cowboy romance. Ryan Wild thought he had everything he could ever want. A billionaire before thirty, he’s finally moved back home to Bitterroot Valley, built a beautiful house on his ranch, and has recently adopted a teenage boy that has brought nothing but joy into his life. The only thing that’s been missing is the feeling of Polly in his arms since their incredible night together months ago. Memories of her touch aren’t nearly enough to satisfy him, and Ryan will do anything he can to make her his. Polly can’t forget the one night she spent with Ryan all of those months ago, but she understood that it was a one-time deal. Yes, she still thinks about the sexy billionaire cowboy and his strong arms wrapped around her, but she’s a busy woman, with a thriving clothing shop and a group of friends that keep her on her toes. When you add in a house that always needs repairs

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Undeniably Forbidden: A Single Dad, Nanny, age-gap Romance (Boston's Irresistible Billionaires Book 2) Free by J. Saman (Author), Julie Saman (Author)

From USA Today bestselling author J. Saman comes a steamy new standalone, brother's best friend, age-gap, billionaire romance about a broody single dad doctor and the curvy nanny who brings him to his knees. In my defense, I had no clue the gorgeous guy I had a wildly steamy night with was my brother's best friend. Or the single dad of the little girl I was about to nanny. I hadn't seen Dr. Owen Fritz since I was twelve and he was twenty-four, but even back then, I didn't care much about him. He was doing his billionaire, master-of-the-universe, medical school thing, and I was too into art and books to notice anyone. Now he's cold and broody, but he doesn't scare me the way he does everyone else. He's been scarred, but I've been scarred worse. We both promise to leave that night in the past, vowing to keep this secret between us and stay professional from now on. Especially since I'm living with him—sleeping down the hall from him—and his adorable li

The Arrangement [Free] by Adriana Locke

The gorgeous CEO of Brewer Air is my boss and, thanks to a bet, my new husband for six months. Why? Because I begged. I have a grandmother to support, a stack of bills higher than my five-foot frame, and as a cherry on top, I need to find a new place to live. Soon. Sure, Jason Brewer’s bright green eyes and chiseled jawline steal my breath. His smirk makes me weak. The former military hero’s protective nature is as sexy as watching him control a boardroom or fly a plane. But none of that matters. I’m desperate—not foolish. I know forever-level commitments aren’t real. This is simply a business transaction with a billionaire. It’s too bad we didn’t consider all contingencies. Our first kiss was to seal the deal. The second was in front of an Elvis impersonator. The third kiss led to a honeymoon that was so hot it burned into my memory. I tell myself it’s okay because there’s an arrangement in place. It’s a—very—enjoyable means to a much-needed end. There’s nothing to worry about. Except

Beautiful Beast: An Age Gap Forced Proximity Mafia Romance (Mafia Legacy - Perfectly Imperfect Book 1) Free by Neva Altaj

Rafael Nobody touches what's mine without deadly consequences, But when the most beautiful woman is brought to face my fury, My dead heart suddenly begins to beat again. There are no fairy tales in this life. Beauty will never fall for the beast. But this monster doesn't intend to let her go. Everybody has a price. It's just a question of currency. My sweet little hacker can't be swayed by money, But she will do whatever it takes to save her family. Vasilisa Kidnapped, trapped and forced into penance, Stay and work for him, Or my loved ones will face his wrath. His name alone evokes dread and terror. But my tremors have nothing to do with fear. His scars make people turn away in horror. But my eyes don't want to look anywhere else. My captor, My savior, My beautiful beast. * Beautiful Beast is the first book in the Perfectly Imperfect spinoff series - Mafia Legacy , but it can be read as a complete standalone. This is a full-length novel with no cheating and a gua

Dawn of Flames (Dragons of Ember Hollow Book 3) Free by Tessa Hale

Ripped from my mates. Taken by an evil who has it out for us all. And it’s all I can do to hold on, just hoping that they will find me before it’s too late. Because I’m in the clutches of someone who only wants one thing…power. Power that only I can give them. And I’m a second away from breaking. But my captor is revealing secrets. Ones that have the potential to bring my world crumbling down. And not just mine but the entire dragon species’, too. Now, we’re racing against the clock to keep those secrets buried and me safe. But our enemies are circling. And sometimes the deadliest are the ones you least expect… Click or tap the button below to continue reading free the full version or contents of this book. Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening. Any device. Kindle Unlimited. Start your 30-day free trial. Join Kindle Unlimited.  USA Today and New York Times Best Selling Books in Romances. Start your 30-day free trial

The Pucking Wrong Man: A Hockey Romance (The Pucking Wrong Series Book 4) Free by C.R. Jane

*Now an Amazon Top 5 Bestseller Whoever heard of a homeless ballerina? Everyone in my life has always disappointed me, but NHL hockey star Camden James says he never will. We meet, and then in a single blink, he’s made me his roommate, promising me I don’t have to worry about anything ever again. They call him a hero, and that’s what I desperately need. I remind myself it’s all temporary. That I shouldn’t get used to it. But he has other ideas. Camden tells me he’s obsessed, that he’s going to change my life, that he’ll never let me go. But as more time passes, I wonder if it’s going to take a villain to get me my happily ever after. And Camden James just might be the right man for the role. *Note: Camden James is a morally grey antihero who is obsessed with his girl and will do anything to keep her. This is a darker hockey romance. The Pucking Wrong Man is a hockey romance standalone from USA Today and International Bestselling Author C.R. Jane. Click or tap the button below to conti

Monstrous Urges: A Dark Mafia Enemies To Lovers Romance Free by Jagger Cole

I played games with the wrong stranger. Tall, powerful, and lethally gorgeous, Drazen Krylov is the ruthless boogeyman the Bratva world fears. He’s also the masked man from the app whom I unknowingly shared my darkest, most depraved urges with. Now the fantasy has become a nightmare. Drazen says I did terrible, unforgivable things. He says I owe a debt, and I’ll pay the price by pretending to be his dead wife. I look just like her. The thing is, I might be her… My past is an amnesia haze of blank memories. My future is in his hands. My name is Taylor Crown. At least, so I’ve been told. And I may have married a monster. Now, I need to remember why. Monstrous Urges is a standalone dark mafia romance with a smart, untamable heroine, and an ultra possessive psycho hero with "look at her and I'll unalive you" energy. Readers are STRONGLY advised to read the TW inside. No cliffhanger; HEA included. Click or tap the button below to continue reading free the full version or con