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What I Should've Said Free by Max Monroe

"Some books feel personal when you read them, like you can tell the writer poured extra in. That's this story. I dreamed about it all night. What an unforgettable journey." — Kim Holden, Bestselling Author of Bright Side When grumpy, muscled-up artist Bennett Bishop bothers to speak, it’s usually to say something you’re not ready to hear. When he first speaks to Norah Ellis, a rambling runaway bride who hitchhikes a ride from him, it’s to tell her to get out of his truck and walk because she’s a pain in the a-s-s. By appearance, Norah Ellis is a fancy fashionista who’s spent the last several years living the good life in the city—expensive apartments, highbrow events, and a fiancé with wealth and good looks. The only problem is that she didn’t choose any of it for herself. On the day of her July wedding, thanks to a letter from a stranger, Norah’s world turns upside down. She runs for the hills of Vermont to start a new life, but what’s waiting for her, between her estra
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King of Sloth: A Forced Proximity Romance (Kings of Sin Book 4) Free by Ana Huang

He'd never wanted anyone enough to chase them...until he met her. Charming, easygoing, and rich beyond belief, Xavier Castillo has the world at his fingertips. He also has no interest in taking over his family’s empire (much to his father’s chagrin), but that hasn’t stopped women from throwing themselves at him…unless the woman in question is his publicist. Nothing brings him more joy than riling her up, but when a tragedy forces them closer than ever, he must grapple with the uncertainty of his future—and the realization that the only person immune to his charms is the only one he truly wants. *** Cool, intelligent, and ambitious, Sloane Kensington is a high-powered publicist who’s used to dealing with difficult clients. However, none infuriate—or tempt—her more than a certain billionaire heir, with his stupid dimples and laid-back attitude. She may be forced to work with him, but she’ll never fall for him…no matter how fast he makes her heart beat or how thoughtful he is beneath

Sleet Princess: Book Four of the Sleet Series Free by S.J. Tilly

My trip to Mexico for my cousin’s wedding was only supposed to be a few days of obligation and oceanside. I wasn’t expecting Luke. Wasn’t expecting the hot hockey player, with the smirks and the tattoos, who kept bumping into me. And I certainly wasn’t expecting to spend a night on the beach, under the stars, underneath him. It was magical, but I thought it would end there. Instead, we exchanged numbers and stayed in touch. So when Luke invited me to watch him play in Vegas, I went. And it was great. Until we woke up the next morning and found the wedding certificate in my pocket. Turns out that dance party we snuck into was actually a group wedding ceremony. And now we’re married. Which is bad. Because I think our wedding was actually our first date. And if my dad finds out, he’ll cut me out of the family business. So when footage leaks of Luke and me hot and heavy in an elevator, I have to make up a new plan to save my reputation and career. Now, all I need is for Luke Anders to act

Dr. Single Dad Free by Louise Bay

Unexpected fatherhood, a newborn daughter and a nanny in the next bedroom he can't stop fantasizing about. When a one-night stand announces I just became a father to a baby girl, my world is thrown into turmoil. My choice: single fatherhood or sign adoption papers. The decision is easy. Within hours, I'm on a plane to collect my daughter. I’m in over my head. I barely know one end of a baby from the other. Luckily, I have the perfect plan. I’ll hire live-in help, have limited involvement with the kid, and keep my life just the same as it’s always been. I finally find a nanny who lives up to my exacting standards. But the only problem is, every time I look at her, the future I thought I wanted starts to crumble. Nothing in my life is going according to plan… and the wriggling poo machine in my arms is unexpectedly worming her way into my heart. Life was ordered and logical until I got myself two roommates and started falling in love with both of them. A standalone romance. Cli

Fastlander Fury (Fastlanders Book 1) Free by T. S. Joyce

Gunner Walker is on the run. He’s been trying desperately to escape the pull of Damon’s Mountains, but his out-of-control inner grizzly bear has tethered himself to the territory. His reputation is ruined, and he can’t blame his previous Crew for hating him—not after what he’s done. Only two things can quiet his mind, and they are both destructive—fighting, and riding his motorcycle at death-defying speeds. When he stumbles upon what is shaping up to be an abduction, he steps in to defend a stranger, but don’t get it twisted. He doesn’t like her. He just wants a fight with the man hunting her. Hallie Carter’s beauty doesn’t matter. Nope. Not at all. Or her quirky sense of humor, or the way she talks to him like he isn’t a demon. He’ll just keep telling himself that, and ignoring that a third thing has appeared in his life that can quiet the roaring grizzly inside of him… and that’s Hallie. Not only that, but when she calls him out for his destructive ways, he wants to listen instead of

Poisonous Kiss: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance Free by Jagger Cole

A blisteringly steamy, Dark Mafia, Grumpy/Sunshine, Marriage of Convenience standalone romance by bestselling author, Jagger Cole. To save my father’s life, I’m being forced to marry a monster. The world sees Gabriel Black as a golden god: successful, gorgeous, charismatic, and untouchable. The good guy. But I’ve peeked behind the mask and seen the brutal devil that lurks like poison under the surface. And he knows it, too. Now, I need a miracle—and money—to save my father’s life and pay off the crime boss he’s in deep with. Gabriel needs a wife to further his political career. It’s a match made in hell, to a secret psychopath who knows my darkest, most depraved fantasies. And I’m about to learn the only thing more dangerous than being chased by a monster: Falling for one. Poisonous Kiss is a standalone dark mafia, marriage of convenience romance with a smart, untamable heroine, and an ultra possessive psycho hero with "look at her and I'll unalive you" energy. Readers

Stay: A Small Town Age Gap, Single Dad Romance (Landmark Mountain Book 5) Free by Willow Aster

A scorching hot small town, age gap, single father/nanny romance by USA Today bestselling author Willow Aster. When a judge falls for his younger nanny, can their love overcome the possibility of scandal? As I drive into the picturesque small town of Landmark Mountain after the whirlwind of college, I could never have expected a simple job opportunity would lead me to the deliciously sexy Sutton Landmark. But fate, it seems, wants to send my plans sideways. Judge Sutton Landmark, a man whose gorgeous face, charisma, and chocolate brown eyes could charm the pants off of anyone. He needs a nanny for his son, Owen, and I need a break from textbooks and exams…and some time to figure out what I really want to do with my life. However, one heated look from Sutton, and everything inside me ignites. As I spend time with Sutton, I find myself falling for him. There's a spark between us and a connection that simmers and dances in the air whenever we’re in the same room. But Sutton’s prestigi