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Drawn To Darkness (Kings Of Mafia) Free by Michelle Heard

From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard comes a new STANDALONE, full-length MAFIA ROMANCE novel. Poverty is an understatement when it comes to describing my circumstances. My mother is a lost cause I can't get rid of, and I work my fingers to the bone just trying to keep my head above water. To ease the stress bearing down on my shoulders, I like to dance. Working as a janitor at a ballet company makes it easy for me to steal thirty minutes at night when the place is empty. Or so I thought. Just my luck that the dangerously handsome owner catches me red-handed. He thinks I'm a hardworking ballerina, and I don't bother correcting him... because, you know, I'd like to keep my job. Dario La Rosa has every girl at the company swooning, hoping she'll be the one to end his bachelor status. Me? I just want to keep my secret and try to avoid the man at all costs. But then my mother's sins burst through my dilapidated front door, and m
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Crossroads (Haven River Ranch) Free by Devney Perry

A sweeping small-town romance about love, loss, and a Montana legacy from USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry. I met West Haven when I was eight years old. He taught me to play poker when I was nine, and we made paper airplanes together when I was eleven. He kissed me when I was sixteen. He was the best part about my family’s summer vacations to Montana. He was the boy who stole my heart. I was twenty-three when life ripped us apart. Years later, I’m breaking my vow and returning to the ranch, not as a guest but its new owner. West might want me gone, but even he has to admit the only way to save his family’s legacy is with my help. It’s not easy working side by side and facing those old memories. But this situation is only temporary. We’re at a crossroads. And as long as I don’t let myself fall in love with West Haven again, maybe this is our chance to put those ghosts to rest. Maybe this time we’ll finally be able to say goodbye. Click or tap the button below to continue readi

Forbidden King: A Small Town, Brother's Best Friend Romance (Magnolia Falls Series Book 3) Free by Laura Pavlov

From USA Today and Amazon Charts Bestselling Author Laura Pavlov, comes an all new Small Town, Brother’s Best Friend, Found Family Standalone Romance. Saylor Woodson is the one girl I can’t have, and the only girl I want. She’s my best friend’s little sister, and completely off limits. We have a history, a connection—one that no one else knows about. One that I’ve tried hard to forget. I've kept my distance for years, which was easy because she’d been away at school. But now she’s home, and she’s everywhere I turn. And the way that I want her is unexplainable. She’s always on my mind. She’s sunshine on a cloudy day. So, I do everything in my power to keep my distance, because her brother is my best friend. My family. But the pull is too strong. Overpowering in every way possible. I want to claim her and keep her and make her mine. So, we cross that line in the sand—slowly at first. Until I’m drowning in this girl and can’t find my way up for air. Betrayal runs deep, and guilt hang

Corrupted Heart: A Dark Mafia Enemies To Lovers Romance Free by Jagger Cole

A blisteringly steamy, Dark Mafia, Forced Marriage, Grumpy/Sunshine standalone romance by bestselling author, Jagger Cole. I taunted a monster. Now I’m caught in his claws. He was only supposed to be a faceless fantasy. A masked man from the app to enact my darkest, most depraved impulses with. But I played games with the wrong stranger, and caught the attention of a psychopath. Because Kratos Drakos isn’t just Greek Mafia royalty. He’s not just lethally powerful, physically massive, and dangerously gorgeous. I’ve seen what lurks beneath his mask: a beast with a primal taste for chasing, catching, and corrupting. Now, to stop a mafia war, I’m being wed to that very monster. But the deeper I’m drawn into Kratos’ twisted reality, the more I realize one thing: The most dangerous game you can play with a psychopath isn’t running away. It’s falling for one. Corrupted Heart is astandalone dark mafia, forced marriage romance with a smart, untamable heroine, and an ultra possessive psycho her

Let's Pretend This Will Work: A Novel Free by Maddie Dawson

The search for happiness turns a woman’s life upside down in a warm, quirky, and bighearted novel about the joys and chaos of finding love by the bestselling author of Matchmaking for Beginners. After too many dates, thirtysomething Mimi Perkins is still single, unmoored, and longing for love. So when Ren Yardley—a handsome, divorced fellow drama teacher and single father—falls in love with her and proposes, she’s sure this is at last the good news her psychic predicted. Soon after proposing, Ren receives the devastating news that his ex-wife has been in a debilitating car accident, prompting him to temporarily move back into his former home to care for her and his daughters. The unfailingly loyal Ren also wants to keep Mimi close, so she packs up her life in New York City and follows him to New Haven, Connecticut. There, she finds a job and unexpected community at a quirky local daycare. But as time goes by, it begins to seem that Ren and his estranged family might be slowly reuniting

The Promise of Tomorrow Free by Mary Ellen Taylor

From the author of The Brighter the Light comes the moving story about one woman’s reason for leaving home and the love that brings her back. When Olympia leaves her small Virginia town, she doesn’t expect to look back, much less ever come home. But after a year on the road, her sister’s engagement pulls Olympia into everything she left behind: her family, her husband, and the grief she’s been trying to forget. She’s determined to stay a few days, maybe a week—just enough time to visit gravestones and sign off on the divorce her husband, Spencer, asked for. But he’s reeling from their shared loss, as well as complications with his aging parents, leaving his heart just as fragile as Olympia’s. The more time they spend in each other’s orbit, the less sure they are they’ll be able to walk away for good. As family secrets come to light and family bonds stretch to the breaking point, Olympia must decide where she’s going next and where she belongs. She’s used to coping with life’s complicat

A Major Puck Up : A Dad's best friend, age gap, single dad romance (The Revenge Games Book 3) Free by Brittanée Nicole

There are only a few rules I live by: enjoy life, smile as often as possible, and don’t ever let a woman come between friends. Oh and hockey is life. For the past forty years I’ve done an excellent job at every single one of them. Until Millie Hall. To be fair, I had no idea who she was that first night. Can’t say the same about the second. Finding out that the mystery girl who turned my world upside down was the twin sister of my star left winger and my best friend’s twenty-two year old daughter is less than ideal. Hiding our relationship from not only her father but my brothers, nearly impossible. But my best friend makes it incredibly difficult to walk away from his daughter when he keeps thrusting her in my direction.As a single dad, I have a whole set of new rules, but one thing remains, falling for Millie Hall would be a major puck up. Author’s Note: A Major Puck Up is an angsty forbidden love between fan favorite Gavin Langfield-Coach of the Boston Bolts and Millie Hall, his be