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Liars Like Us (Morally Gray Book 1) Free by J.T. Geissinger

A young woman on the verge of bankruptcy.
A mysterious billionaire with an offer that will change her life.
An obsession so powerful, it could destroy them both.


What Callum McCord wants, he takes.
No matter what he has to do to get it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Author’s note: Liars Like Us is a standalone marriage of convenience romance with an obsessive & possessive morally gray hero and spicy bedroom scenes intended for mature readers only.

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Monstrous Urges: A Dark Mafia Enemies To Lovers Romance Free by Jagger Cole

I played games with the wrong stranger. Tall, powerful, and lethally gorgeous, Drazen Krylov is the ruthless boogeyman the Bratva world fears. He’s also the masked man from the app whom I unknowingly shared my darkest, most depraved urges with. Now the fantasy has become a nightmare. Drazen says I did terrible, unforgivable things. He says I owe a debt, and I’ll pay the price by pretending to be his dead wife. I look just like her. The thing is, I might be her… My past is an amnesia haze of blank memories. My future is in his hands. My name is Taylor Crown. At least, so I’ve been told. And I may have married a monster. Now, I need to remember why. Monstrous Urges is a standalone dark mafia romance with a smart, untamable heroine, and an ultra possessive psycho hero with "look at her and I'll unalive you" energy. Readers are STRONGLY advised to read the TW inside. No cliffhanger; HEA included. Click or tap the button below to continue reading free the full version or con