His Forever Love Read Free by Lucy Darling [Download]

Football is my life, has always been my life. Until I met her. Willow is just the distraction I don’t need when I’m trying to restart my career from NFL player to college coach.

What’s worse? She’s a freshman.

I may be the youngest NCAA head coach in history, but I’m still too old for her. Too big too, I played in the league as an offensive lineman. She’s tiny compared to me. Innocent, naïve, and completely off limits—Willow tempts me even when she isn’t trying to.

I should walk away from her. But I can’t. She calls me her bear, and I’ve never wanted anyone the way I do her. If I have to fight off half my team to keep her to myself, I will. For her, I’ll risk my career and my reputation. Because winning her is the only game I can’t afford to lose.

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